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Excerpt | TacosA–E

Svenska vanor A–Ö
An excerpt from Tacos, tvättstuga och tack för senast.
Mattias Axelsson

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Why is Saturday the official day for candy and sweets? When did the Swedes start addressing each other with du? What does badkruka mean and why is this a typically Swedish concept? In this entertaining and informative guide about contemporary Sweden you get to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Swedish habits and traditions.

  • Historical and contemporary traditions and festivals.
  • Uniquely Swedish concepts: “passa på”, “bensträckare”, “lattepappa” and “egentid”.
  • Concrete advice for taking part in events and gatherings: children’s parties, “brännboll” and the office Christmas party.
  • Food and drink for informal and formal occasions.
  • Typically Swedish behaviours and habits: VAB, queueing, queuing for Systembolaget.
Mattias Axelsson

Mattias Axelsson


Mattias Axelsson is a teacher of history, religion and social sciences. He is a well-renowned expert on Swedish traditions and everyday life. He is regularly present in newspapers and radio on these topics. Mattias is also known as the last person curating the official Twitter account of Sweden.

Mattias is the author of Tacos, tvättstuga och tack för senast. An English translation of the book will be published in early 2020.


Mattias Axelsson’s work is hard to put down. Recommended to anyone.

A real gem.

Peter Olausson

Author, factoidist

Press Coverage

Mattias är gäst i Snedtänkt – Sveriges radio 19/12 2019

Mattias Axelsson blottlägger svenska vanor – Göteborg direkt 7/11 2019


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