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This website uses different kinds of cookies, mainly to manage the webshop, to give us statistics on our visitors and to allow us to earn a few SEK when someone orders our books through online retailers after clicking one of our links. This is made possible through third part cookies.

While you use our website, we may trace:

  • Which products you look at. We may use this information to show you recently viewed products, for example.
  • Geographical info, IP-address, browser language and browser type. We use this for purposes such as language settings, VAT-calculations and shipping costs.
  • Delivery address. We ask you to provide this so that we can calculate shipping costs and ship you the products you order.

We also use cookies to keep track of cart contents while you use the website.

If you do not want this to happen, you can disable cookies in your browser settings.

If you do not shop in our webshop, we never see any personal details except for parts of your IP-adress, and this is only saved temporarly in our statistics tool.

If you order something from our shop, we (LYS) cannot see your credit card details or other payment info, but we do see your name, your address, your e-mail and your IP-address.

If you have bought something from us, you can ask for an exported file of the personal details we have on you. You can also ask us to remove any personal info on you. However, we may be required to save certain information, due to administrative, legal or security reasons.

In general, we only store personal details for as long as we need the information, and as long as we are required by law to keep it. This can for instance be for tax reasons, and may include your name, you e-mail and your address.

If you shop in our webshop, we share certain personal details with third parties, but only the ones that help us carry out the order, such as Klarna, Swish (Nordea) and Stripe. This includes the information you provide at checkout, as well as your cart contents and your IP-address.