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A comprehensive handbook: Parenting in Sweden: The A–Z Guide

Everything you need to know as an international parent in Sweden: The Swedish education system, healthcare, developmental checkups, winter clothing, activities, social codes, etiquette, birthday parties. All in an easy A−Z format.

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Our best-selling Swedish for Parents is back

Use the first years as parent as a way of integrating into Swedish society with Sarah Campbell’s family-themed language exercises, alongside practical advice and anecdotes told by other international parents in Sweden.

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Finally, Patientsvenska!

Authentic interviews with seven medical patients who talk about their conditions and treatments. Listening comprehension and vocabulary exercises for medical professionals learning Swedish.

Count on fast progression!

This is your chance to practise your Swedish language skills related to numbers: dates, phone numbers, fractions, years, shapes, the time, and much more.

New textbook for architects

In collaboration with Sveriges Arkitekter, LYS is launching a new textbook for international architects learning Swedish. The book will be available free of charge in digital format, and as a physical book for members of Sveriges Arkitekter.

Sweden’s Biggest Fails Using Ads in English

This is the book you’ve been waiting for, featuring the gems of Paddy Kelly’s collection of Swenglish ad fails. Our message: Hire a native copywriter!

Words to make your life more Swedish

Enjoy the silliness of literal translations, Swedish compound words and false friends, while exploring more than 100 Swedish words that can teach us more about Sweden beyond the clichés.

New material for teaching professional Swedish

LYS together with Energy Sweden have produced a material for Swedish teachers on how to adapt course content according to the participants’ professional expertise. The material is available for free in our webshop.

Online training in Swedish work culture

Take an online course to improve your career chances in Sweden. Accessible, flexible and affordable, in collaboration with The Newbie Guide to Sweden.

Unbury the secrets

Meet NYC detective Veronika Brand, who travels to Sweden for a family reunion, only to learn much more about her past than she ever wanted to know.

Body parts and organs in new edition

Buy our revised edition of Kroppen på svenska, an invaluable learning resource for international healthcare professionals

More than 250 medical conditions in pocket format

This complementary vocabulary resource helps international healthcare professionals to communicate with patients and peers.

Swedish gone bananas

Our ever-most popular book Svenskan går bananer explores the Swedish language in the way it is influenced by English. A great resource for advanced Swedish learners who tend to speak Swenglish once in a while. Out now.

Energisvenska has made a friend

Ta kontakt is a booklet designed to inspire better intercultural communication workplaces within the energy sector.

Swedish similes

The world’s only book on Swedish similes. A shortcut to speak more like native Swedes and insights into the culture and history behind expressions.

Can you skip the disgusting food when you try to become Swedish?

Tomas Spragg Nilsson knows. He spent one year attempting to become Swedish and has now written a book about his efforts.

From Russia with Herring

Kristoffer Lieng shares his experiences of living in Russia.

The revised edition is out

Our best-selling Working in Sweden: The A-Z Guide has been updated and revised. For Swedsh learners, there is also a Swedish translation.

Medical Swedish for international healthcare professionals

Newly released Journalsvenska will soon be complemented with two pocketsized books about illnesses and medications.

Professional Swedish for the Energy Sector

We are currently working together with the umbrella organisation Energiföretagen to develop more material for international energy professionals based in Sweden.

Season five with Emil and Sofi

Our podcast Lysande lagom (in Swedish) is the source for anything related to the Swedish language, Swedishness and the process of becoming Swedish.

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LYS förlag

LYS is an independent publishing house working for a brighter Sweden, with a focus on language, culture and belonging. Our readers are new and established Swedes and our mission is to promote local expertise and global experiences. 

Course literature in professional Swedish

Omslaget till läroboken Sjukdomssvenska

Course literature, Swedish as a second language

Guide books

Books about language

Biographies and fiction

Podcast in Swedish

Would it be helpful for your Swedish friends, colleagues or family members to understand more about what it’s like to learn Swedish, move to Sweden and become part of Swedish culture and society? Tell them about our podcast, Lysande lagom, that brings up all these questions in detail.

Corporate Services

Customised Literature

We create learning material, literature and other communication tools for international professionals working in Sweden or We have more than ten years’ experience of teaching professional Swedish and creating course material. Our books and tools are always directly applicable and based on real-life case studies.

Lectures and workshops

We help international professionals as well as their Swedish colleagues to develop cultural self-awareness and understanding of language within the context of work.

Speak to your readers

Our editing and text production team can help your organisation to develop text material adapted to more diverse target groups. We produce and edit text for readers and co-workers from different backgrounds and help you to formulate a long-term strategy for communicate in a more inclusive manner.