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For a brighter future

LYS is an independent publishing house founded in 2018. Our mission is to make local expertise available to international talent, and to give voice to global experiences. We believe the future is a place where we live between cultures, places, and languages. LYS produces and publishes textbooks in Swedish as a second language, Swedish culture guides, and global perspectives on Swedishness.

LYS also does consultancy work, helping employers’ organisations, universities and private companies to improve communication and collaboration across cultural boundaries and languages. We create training programs, lectures, and workshops. We review and revise text material and other forms of communication directed at Swedish learners. 

When it comes to language learning, we don’t believe in quick fixes. We don’t believe cultural clashes can be overcome with patience and good intentions. We know that language development requires hard work, adequate study material, and opportunities to use and practise the new language. We know that systematic work to foster cultural self-awareness will lead to better intercultural communication. 

We hope that our work will help new and established Swedes to collaborate and communicate better. We are here to brighten up Sweden.

LYS stands läromedel i yrkessvenska. But there is more than that. The imperative verb, lys, is directive: to brighten up, to enlighten, to shine. Our mission is to brighten up and enlighten Sweden, and give voices to all the brilliant individuals that have relocated here.

LYS is a part of PYS validering AB 559121-2377


Emil Molander

Emil Molander is a certified teacher in Swedish as a second language. He is specialised in medical Swedish, and teaches medical doctors as part of KUL at Umeå University.

Emil has written many textbooks in professional Swedish, including Yrkessvenska inför praktiken, Arkitektsvenska, Energisvenska, Kroppen på svenska, Läkarsvenska, Journalsvenska, and Patientsvenska.

At LYS, Emil is responsible for corporate clients, sales, finances, and contracts.


Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux

Sofi has taught Swedish as a second language since 2008, and she specialises in technical and numerical language. She is a popular public speaker with an interest for Swedish culture in an international context.

Sofi is the author of several textbooks: Arkitektsvenska, Räkna på svenska, Läkarsvenska, and Patientsvenska. She has also written cultural guides, including Working in Sweden, Driving in Sweden, and Parenting in Sweden.

At LYS, Sofi is in charge of editorship and book production.


Sarah Coats Chandler

Sarah Coats Chandler is in charge of LYS’ English language publication. She is a professional copywriter with a passion for communication.

Sarah is the author of Catching Snow and Driving in Sweden.



Our books

Learning Material

LYS creates and publishes textbooks and other learning material in Swedish as a second language, with a professional focus. The books are designed for qualified adults learning Swedish on an intermediate or advanced level. After focusing on medical Swedish, LYS is now working on several projects with technical Swedish.

Local Expertise

Our Swedish culture guides help internationals to fast-track into their understanding of Swedishness in different contexts. In Beyond Fika, Swedish traditions expert Mattias Axelsson outlines typical Swedish habits. Our A–Z Guides give the reader detailed information about professional and personal life in Sweden.

Global Experiences

An important part of understanding Swedish culture and society is to look at it from an international perspective. In the book Fear and Falukorv, Tomas Spragg Nilsson writes about his ‘becoming Swedish’ project. Paddy Kelly shares his experience of discovering Swenglish through the medium of advertising when relocating to Sweden from Ireland.

Our services

We create customised textbooks and other language learning resources for your organisation or professional field.

We adapt training or skills validation material for Swedish learners.

We organised training packages and workshops for management, supervisors, and HR professionals, with the aim of creating cultural awareness and understanding for language in the workplace.

Book a lecture with us to learn more about professional Swedish, medical Swedish, technical Swedish, Swedish culture, Swedish work culture, or parenting in Sweden.

We map the language skills of your team. If needed this is followed up with language courses in digital or physical form.

Don’t miss our podcast

Listen to LYS own podcast! Lysande lagom is a forum for generalising about everything Swedish. We speak about Swedish as a second language, discuss different symptoms of Swedishness, and reflect on what it’s like to be new in Sweden. Previous episodes includes a pronunciation analysis of Queen Silvia, language test for citizenship, aging in Sweden, Duolingo (and how much we hate it), French accent, the Swedish view on alcohol, translation, the threat against Christmas, cursing, and much, much more. And stay posted, there is a new episode every month. You find Lysande lagom here on our website or through your favourite podcast player, for example Spotify or Poddtoppen.