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Quotes about Parenting in Sweden

I would recommend this book honestly to everyone planing on moving to Sweden even from another Scandinavian country. As well as those parents who have already moved, this book contains so much necessary information regarding, for example, the whole school system which is very good to know beforehand.
Inger, Iceland

I recommend this book to all parents recently moved to Sweden. People considering parenthood which might potentially happen in Sweden.
Shana, USA

My biggest feedback is thank you. I think this will be a big help, and I plan to gift a copy to several of my expecting friends who will soon become parents here. I would also love to see this in SFI libraries, BVC, and similar places, to help new families integrate. I really see this as a tool for new parents and a service to welcome new families into a beautiful way of living. Thank you.
Olivia, USA

Parenting in Sweden

275 kr

The A⁠–Z Guide
Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux
240 pages

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Get to know your child’s home country and become a more confident parent with this comprehensive handbook.

Embark on your parenting journey in Sweden with this indispensable guide! Whether you’re new to the country and planning to start a family, recently relocated with your children, or seeking deeper insights into Swedish parenting practices, this book is your go-to resource. Containing over 600 entries, it offers a profound understanding of what Swedish parents already know or take for granted.

  • Make informed decisions related to your child’s education by understanding Sweden’s school system, learning philosophy, grading criteria, and views on academic achievement.
  • Navigate Sweden’s healthcare system, ensuring the well-being of your child through effective paths to care.
  • Learn how to dress your child appropriately for all kinds of weather, embracing Sweden’s outdoor culture.
  • Master the unwritten rules and etiquette of social interactions, gaining confidence in hosting and attending birthday parties, arranging playdates, and connecting with other parents.
  • Explore the core values shaping Swedish society’s approach to family policies and parenting, and get valuable insights into upbringing methods and parenting styles.
  • Familiarise yourself with typical Swedish habits and traditions, preparing for the cultural nuances and preferences your child will bring home. Stay informed about upcoming traditions and holidays, and understand what is expected from you.
  • Understand the rules and legal frameworks surrounding parenthood and develop effective communication skills with teachers, healthcare professionals, and social workers.
  • Discover the resources, solutions, and support mechanisms that enhance life for you and your child, offering ease and enjoyment even when you are far away from your family and friends.

In an easy-to-follow A–Z format, this reference is essential reading for all international parents navigating the unique landscape of parenting in Sweden.

<p>Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux</p>

<p>Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux</p>


Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux undervisar i svenska och svensk kultur och har arbetat specifikt med utlandsfödda föräldrar sedan 2020. Hon har bland annat hållit i en serie webinarier genom Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, där föräldrar från världens alla hörn fick svar på sina frågor kring barn och familj. Sofi är född i Sverige och lever efter många år utomlands nu i Stockholm med sin franska man och fransk-svenska barn. Sofi har skrivit flera böcker och läromedel, inklusive bästsäljaren Working in Sweden: The A-Z Guide.

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