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”A wise book with plenty of examples. A good and popular complement to traditional course literature in translation.”
Ylva Byrman, Språket i P1

”Alexander Katourgi writes with clarity and humour and makes the reader think twice, with the occassional easy and enjoyable lessons in linguistics.”
Maria Arnstad, Språktidningen 7/2020

“[Svenskan går bananer] provides insight into how a superhuman works. When you are done reading you will have 1) been amazed at how language is so much more than vocabulary and grammar, 2) scrutinize every sentence your write, and 3) feel astonished that translators are not paid more. As the Americans would say: Enjoy!”
Sara Lövestam, författare

“Entertaining for everyone who cares about language and food for thought for all translators. Christmas gift of the year”
Ingrid Olsson, Samspråk

”Instead of serving a plate of complaints, Katourgi delivers nuanced discussions on all sorts of translations, with some significant jolliness.”
Mikael Parkvall, Stockholms universitet

”If you care about language or would like to know about how translators work, I would like to warm this book heartily. It contains plenty of examples, is extremely entertaining and at the same time a great learning resource. Alexander Katourgi’s first book gets full score.”
Jimmy Seppälä,

Svenskan går bananer (second edition)

Översättningar som syns
Alexander Katourgi

300 pages

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Why does it sound weird for a Swedish person if you say you are about to gå till stormarknaden (go to the supermarket) to speak with kvinnan i kassan (the lady by the checkout), why should you not call her niand why is it witty to say she is as bitter as colocynth? These are all examples of Swedish translationese, that is, Swedish heavily influenced by English as source language in translation. You may (arguably) say that Swedish has gone bananas, but translated to går bananer, it makes no sense. Alexander Katourgi is a linguist and translator, currently pursuing a PhD in Nordic Languages. In this book, he shares his insights into the translation craft, and the unexpected complications arising from gaming, the 24-hour, Netflix subtitles and rhymes. This book is for all language lovers and anyone interested in a profession that is rarely made visible.

Press and reviews

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Linda Gunnarson, Authentik 4/11 2021

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Svenska Dagbladet 12/7 2020

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Språktidningen 22/9 2020 (tryckt utgåva)

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SOL studentråd 25/9 2020

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Bokstavligt talat 15/9 2020

Review: “Översättningssvenska känns översatt”

Eva Sahlström, Språkrådgivare och journalist

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Alexander Katourgi is a linguist and translator, working in gaming translation. Alexander is also the writer of language columns in several local newspapers in the region of Hälsningland. He enjoys answering and asking questions about language, Between work and studies he is an active Twitter profile tweeting mostly about what happens when you translate English directly to Swedish.