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Swedish for Parents

Language for life with a young family in Sweden
Sarah Campbell
196 pages

185 kr

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Welcome to parenthood in Sweden. Bring coffee.

Combining easy-to-access information with ready-to-use language content, this book has been created with the multitasking parent in mind — whatever your parenting style or background.

Swedish for Parents won’t help you manage sleepless nights or the tears and tantrums, but it will equip you with a wealth of practical knowledge to help you settle into Swedish life as an international parent.

  • Understand the Swedish system of anything from preschool and healthcare to traditions and parties, winter clothing and typical Swedish concepts such as vällingåkpåse and pyssel.
  • Learn child-related language through illustrated guides, 500 searchable keywords and language exercises.
  • Use Swedish to talk to other parents, with ready-to-use phrases, small-talk guides and advice on language learning.
  • Feel like you belong through reading shared stories, perspectives and insider tips from other international families.
  • Take the opportunity to establish a support network and build a life in your new community.
Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell


Sarah is an English-born linguist and mother, who arrived in Sweden 2013.

She has a background in linguistics and global communication and is currently pursuing a PhD in curriculum studies at Uppsala University.

Sarah is the author of Swedish for Parents.

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Illustrated by Cibele Guimarães

About the illustrator

Cibele Guimarães is an architect educated in Brazil and Europe, with a bachelor’s degree in architecture and urban planning (2010) and a Master Degree Erasmus Mundus in urban studies. Before settling in Sweden, she has lived and studied in France, Portugal and Spain. Cibele is a self-taught illustrator and she keeps pursuing to improve her skills within the field.