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Swedish Habits

Mattias Axelsson

Why is Saturday the official day for candy and sweets? When did the Swedes start addressing each other with du? What does badkruka mean and why is this a typically Swedish concept? In this entertaining and informative guide about contemporary Sweden you get to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Swedish habits and traditions

The English edition of Tacos, tvättstuga och tack för senast will be published early spring of 2020.

  • Historical and contemporary traditions and festivals.
  • Uniquely Swedish concepts: “passa på”, “bensträckare”, “lattepappa” and “egentid”.
  • Concrete advice for taking part in events and gatherings: children’s parties, “brännboll” and the office Christmas party.
  • Food and drink for informal and formal occasions.
  • Typically Swedish behaviours and habits: VAB, queueing, queuing for Systembolaget.

The Author

Mattias Axelsson

Mattias teaches history, religious studies and social sciences in upper secondary school. He is an expert on Swedish festivals and traditions, and often frequents local and national media to give a fact-based contribution to debate.


Sagt om boken

Mattias Axelssons alster är oerhört svårt att lägga ifrån sig. Rekommenderas reservationslöst.

Verkligen en fantastisk liten bok.

Peter Olausson

Author, Experts on factoids


Mattias Axelsson blottlägger svenska vanor – Göteborg direkt 7/11 2019
Julen är inte hotad – Aftonbladet 5/11 2019
Halloween är numera en svensk tradition – SVT opinion 31/10 2019

Nationalsången är inte alls förbjuden på skolavslutningen (The National anthem is not banned for end-of-semester celebrations) – Expressen

Att var rädd för det nya är inget nytt – (To fear the new is nothing new) Aftonbladet
Därför äter vi ägg på påsken – (Why we eat eggs for Easter) Expressen

What’s missing?

There may be many, subjective, opinions on what is typically Swedish, and you might think there’s something important missing in Tacos, tvättstuga och tack för senast.

Email us,, to let us know what entries are missing. We’ll publish suggestions anonymously, and may edit/filter suggestions.

Competition: What do the Swedes consider the most Swedish of things?

The competition was open October 22-29, 2019.
Five winners receive a copy each of Tacos, tvättstuga och tack för senast.
Johanna | Sundbyberg 10/10
Anna-Lena | Pajala 10/10
Helena | Uppsala 9/10
Lisbet | Malmö 9/10
Kristin | Luleå 9/10