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Handbok i välkomnande svenska

Prata med dina utländska kollegor
Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux
159 pages

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Are you a Swedish professional interacting with international colleagues on an everyday basis? Do you find it difficult to introduce them to Swedish work culture and build a good professional relationship, despite good intentions? in that case, this is the book for you.

  • Use mutual cultural and linguistic references to simplify the language.
  • Become aware of typically Swedish communication patterns and find ways to get your message through.
  • Make your new colleague’s work life easier by creating a tolerant setting that encourages language learning.
  • Set up realistic goals for yourself as your colleague, and follow up with concrete and constructive feedback feedback.

Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux, a Swedish language teacher since ten years, shares her experience and best advice for communicating with qualified professionals from all over the world. The book requires no prior experience of language teaching and is designed for Swedish employers and co-workers who meet international professionals at work, at home or elsewhere.

Sofi Tegsveeden Deveaux

Sofi Tegsveeden Deveaux


Experienced teacher of Swedish as a foreign language, Swedish culture and Swedishness. A popular public speaker on cultural awareness.

Sofi is the co-author of Working in Sweden: The A-Z Guide, editor of Six weeks holiday: the author of Handbok i välkomnande svenska.

Illustrated by Lotta Sundin

The cartoon-like illustrations by writer and cartoonist Lotta Sundin adds a layer of thoughtfulness.

Lotta Sundin is an illustrator, author and communications professional, the profile behind the cartoon Livet på tvären adressing themes such as language and misunderstanding. Lotta grew up in Stockholm, and her father was a Swedish teacher. She has lived in Germany and Austria where she had the full experience of living in a different culture.

Lotta knows the importance of good colleagues, especially when you have relocated from another country, and how much a difference just one conversation can make.

Read more about Lotta on her website.