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English, Swedish

Kroppen på svenska

Illustrerad lärobok i anatomi för utländsk vårdpersonal
Emil Molander
106 pages

335 kr

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350 organs and body parts

This illustrated reference and exercise book is a must for all healthcare professionals, such as medical doctors, nurses, midwives and physiotherapists, relocating to Sweden. It gives a comprehensive and detailed introduction to body parts in Swedish, as well as information on how they should be pronounced and declinated.

  • Learn 350 nouns for body parts, organs and diseases in Swedish.
  • Practise their pronunciation with focus on vowel and consonant sounds as well as prosody (stress) with the help of audio files.
  • Learn and revise the indefinite and definite forms in the plural and singular.
  • Learn the Swedish practice of spelling of medical terms in Greek and Latin.
  • Test yourself with detailed blind maps

The book is in Swedish, but thanks to an introduction in English and a simple use format, it is suitable for beginner’s to advanced levels.

Emil Molander

Emil Molander


Established author of course literature in Swedish as a second language, and experienced teacher of Professional Swedish. Emil teaches medical Swedish to doctors and nurses.

Emil is the author of several books in Medical Swedish.