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Lärobok i svenska för utländska energiexperter
Emil Molander
140 pages

Energisvenska is a book in professional Swedish, designed for technicians, electricians and superintendents within the energy sector.

In this book, you can learn and practise a wide range of words and phrases that are common within the energi sector, and you also learn about everyday work tasks such as completing documents and answering phone calls.

Energisvenska includes a high number of listening and reading exercises, applicable grammar, writing exercises, and discussion topics. Everything is based on vocabulary that we have sourced from workplaces all over Sweden. This book is complementary to SFI and other Swedish language courses, and is designed for learners on level B1 (CEFR) or above.

This book is state-funded within the frames of a project that the industry organisation Energiföretagen has managed since 2015. The aim of this project is to create more efficient routes into the Swedish job market for newly arrived energy professionals.

Energisvenska is made for engineers and technicians whose first language is not Swedish and can be ordered by educational institutions, free of charge. Please contact Energiföretagen to place an order.