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We’ve ALL been there: making that nice cup of coffee (Sweden’s all about fika, right?), grabbing a carton of milk, and voilà – what is that?

Well, it’s called filmjölk, or simply fil, and despite the name, it’s not really milk but rather a youghurty kind of substance. It’s a fermented milk product, a bit tangier and runnier than yoghurt, mostly served in a bowl for breakfast, which is nicer than in your coffee. Many Swedes like to add fruit, berries, cereal, muesli or som crushed crisp bread to their filmjölk. Others drink it from a glass or a mug.

Due to its acidic content it’s commonly used for baking, with baking soda as raising agent. It gives a moist texture to bread and a sweet and fresh flavour. Worth trying when the trauma of the coffee incident has worn off.

We fil you pain, ha ha ha, and therefore we made this downlodable pdf helping you to navigate coffee-compatible milk products in Sweden. Why not print it and stick it ot the fridge door at work?