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The new year, 2021, brings with it an array of exciting and sensational crime fictions.

A portion of what is in stock for the year to come includes: proceedings with a brilliant retro of ladies composing spy fiction, another flood of Nordic noirs, some Swedish suspense fictions, and a vindication of suspenseful thrill whereby individuals get their true-crime fiction recompense. 

Following are the five most anticipated best books of 2021 in the genre crime fiction:

Curated by the LYS editorial team


1. The Push

The female protagonist, Blythe is resolved to be the warm, soothing mother to her new infant that she, at the end of the day, won’t ever have. 

During the early days, the lead becomes more and more persuasive of something unsettling with her new daughter. 

Through this tale of suspense and crime, explore how she uncovers all that isn’t right and what she does to solve the issues at hand. 

2. Shiver 

Mind-games, a hyper-serious cast of characters, and a risky indigenous habitat – all make Shiver a unique and mesmerizing read. 

If you are looking for something to truly keep you on the edge till the last page, you definitely need to pick this one up for reading! 

3. Light Seekers 

What if we told you that you can move to Nigeria just like that?

Well, Light Seekers help you do just that, whisking you away to the very heart of Nigeria as a psychologist tries to uncover the mystery behind the murders of three university students. 

A fast-paced delightful composition, Light Seekers forces you to pay close attention and continue to read on and on. Isn’t that just what you want?

4. Greenwich Park 

Told from various unique character perspectives, Greenwich Park is a dreadful, contorted, and profoundly engaging spine chiller, brimming with marvelously curated characters. 

Faulkner, the author, has done an amazing job in crafting this page turner novel. 

5. The First Day of Spring 

Claustrophobic and urgent, this dark, provocative read poses an inquiry that is guaranteed to keep you thinking long and hard even after you have finished the book. 

In this splendidly composed and riveting read, a young girl commits an unspeakable crime and that continues to haunt her throughout her life. 


One thing is certain – there are numerous works of art – crime fictions – in 2021 that need to be embraced and cherished. 

Now, the question remains: which one of the above-mentioned books are you going to read first?