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Dear writer,

Thanks for your email. No, it’s not illegal to publish a new book with a title that is identical to an existing publication by someone else, this is not my concern. Instead, the problem lies in visibility. Given that this is already the title of a successful autobiography by an eminent character, known for her work on a global scale, any Google search would generate pages and pages with her book. Trying to get a foot in there is virtually impossible, and I wonder, for what purpose? I think we could spend our time and resources much more wisely by coming up with another, unique, title, meaning we could get high rankings on Google searches without even paying for ads.

As stated in our packaging document, a good title should be unique, consistent with the genre, relevant for the content of the book, and intriguing. Let’s brainstorm together and then test our proposed titles on search platforms and online book retailers.All the best,