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Dear writer,

Ooooh! What great news about the interview! I wish you the best of luck!

And no, I don’t see a problem with it being a small and local weekly. Of course, a full page in a national newspaper would have been more prestigious, but not as engaging for the readers. People love reading about someone in their own community who has achieved something exceptional (which writing a book is). Especially, which is the case for your work, the story actually takes place in an area that is familiar to the people.

Advice? Well, be clear about the whys: why you wrote the book and why anyone should read it. If they’re taking your photograph, why don’t you do it in a setting that the readers will recognise and that is also featured in the book. Talk about that place and what happens there. The road crossing where Livia is hit by a motorcycle maybe?

Let me know how it goes.