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With our deadline coming up in 10 days (8:th of January), it is time to look through what you have written so far. You probably have some really good stories to tell, and I am confident they are all interesting. But are they relevant in this context? To keep your submission coherent, a red thread is central. This red thread could be the your personal development, a discovery, a feeling, a plot. Print out your text on paper and identify that central theme in each paragraph. How is it communicated? You might want to add a line here and there.

This also means getting rid of stuff. Although some parts may be extremely interesting or well written, they may not fit with the theme or angle of your story. I’m sorry to say this, but they need to go! If it feels to harsh to delete them, why not copy paste them into another document? This could perhaps turn into completely different story one day?


I haven’t started yet, should I just drop the whole thing?

You are not alone, believe me. There is still plenty of time for any procrastinators, and although we will make our selection of pieces to be published as per the deadline the 8:th of January, you will have the opportunity to edit your text in collaboration with the editor.

My Swedish/English is not good enough

Not to worry. We have experienced Swedish and English language teachers who will help you to correct any language errors or to re-phrase parts if necessary. All texts will be translated into Swedish or English. The English version of the anthology will be published first, in October 2018, and followed by the Swedish version 6 – 12 months later.

What happens next?

We are receiving submissions up until the 8:th of January. Our editor’s team will then go through all material to select what contributions will be published. All authors will be contacted about this no later than 28:th of February. Confirmed co-authors will sign a contract with LYS förlag, and you might be asked to revise your text in collaboration with the editor. From the moment you sign your contract until the moment the book is published, you cannot publish your text elsewhere. You will also be asked to complete a form so that we can create your biography, and submit your photograph. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know.