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Rarely does the world experience something as devastating as the recent global pandemic. 

Pandemic’s adverse effects on health and emotions were equitable as they affected everyone around the globe without discrimination.

While you can adopt healthy habits to become physically healthier, what does it take to rescue yourself from the mental anguish?

By the LYS editorial team

What should one do to escape unscathed from the relentless claws of anxiety and uncertainty?

One cannot merely avoid the news and social interactions to keep oneself safe from the negative information. Every word reaches us inevitably.

Let us then explore one of the ultimate methods to cancel the noise and focus on what truly matters.

Need To Escape

As the pandemic forced us indoors, we could not help but feel the ill effects on ourselves. Yet, the effects are more psychological and imagined than physically real.

In such a dire situation, it is impertinent to utilize healthy escapism, such as literary escapism as it can whisk you away to a different world. 

Understanding Literary Escapism

The art of stoicism – the ability to remain in control and grit against a sea of torments – lies in knowing when to confront an issue and avoid it.

Escapism is one side of the coin that teaches how to remain stoic. The best way to escape from a grim reality to take a break from things is literary escapism.

Literary escapism allows readers to pick up reading as a form of much needed psychological break. 

After all, what could be better than immersing yourself in the best books of 2021 or a page-turner novel based on crime fiction?

Choosing The Right Genre

While many books help, yet we are not looking for self-help books here, are we? 

Sometimes, non-fiction gives us more to worry about than we had before. Wasn’t the last bestseller a book titled Everything Is F*c**d by Mark Manson?

We believe crime fiction based upon Swedish suspense fiction – more commonly known as “Nordic Noir” – is an ideal genre to explore in this pandemic. 

Let us share with you why diving into Scandinavian themed books is the best option.

Scanoir strikes the perfect balance between picturesque scenery and grotesque crime scenes to provide you an exciting entertainment opportunity from the comfort of your reading couch.

So Many Books, But No Time

We understand there are far too many books in the world and virtually no time. We have read multiple books, so you don’t have to suffer through the bad ones.

Having devoured the good and the worst books, we have selected the best for you, that is, “This Land Is No Stranger” by Sarah Hollister & Gil Reavill – the ultimate Nordic thriller.

With a female protagonist, Veronika, “This Land Is No Stranger” unravels the mystical wonders of Northern Lights and the darkness and crime that lurks in the dark.

From idyllic landscapes to nail-biting suspense, “This Land Is No Stranger” will certainly become the most delightful escape for you this season.

So, what are you waiting for?