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Pick an angle or theme

The really important thing here is to select one thing to write about. Your experience of coming to Sweden is probably very complex, and you might have a very good, and long story to share. But this is not the moment to tell the story of your life. Consider your piece to become part of something bigger, this is an anthology after all, and it will relate to other pieces that are written by others.

Also bear in mind that there are others, perhaps writing about a similar topic. In order to keep your piece ‘unique’, stick to personal (which does not need to be the same as private). For example:

  • A moment that changed me.
  • Something that turned out not to be the way I expected.
  • A situation that taught me something new.
  • A person who had a big impact on how my career turned out.
  • Something I regret.

Please remember that you need to stay within the frame of the overall anthology, for us to consider your submission, it needs to relate to Sweden and work.


Pick a format

Most common here is that you are sticking to a classic essay format. Nothing wrong with that, but it might be worth considering other options:

  • A letter to …
  • Dialogues
  • Lists, recipes, to-do lists, menus
  • A poem
  • An article or review
  • Advertisements
  • A detailed description of a person, place or event
  • An anecdote
  • Journal / Diary


Write your vomit draft

The purpose of your vomit draft is to make you start.

  • Write all in one sitting.
  • Try to do this relatively undisturbed by others.
  • Don’t be self-critical, just get it out.
  • Don’t show your vomit draft to anyone.
  • Put it away in a drawer for a couple of days, to review it for your second draft.


More on reviewing your second draft, soon.

Any questions or thoughts, email redaktion@lysforlag.com. Good Luck!