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It’s December and wherever you are in Sweden right now, you’re most likely not wearing flip-flops when outside. It is also likely that your footwear is affected by the current weather conditions. If it’s raining, they’re probably wet, and if it’s snowing, they’re probably wetter (at least after a few seconds after having been taken inside). Perhaps due to this, or some other cultural logic, wearing shoes inside anyone’s front door is strictly prohibited in Sweden.

When I was in my teens, I was sent on one of these trips to the UK. The purpose was, of course, to practise the language. In order to get an experience that was as authentic as possible, we stayed with English families. Weeks prior to the trip, we were sent important information about the Brits wearing their shoes inside, and we were horrified and shocked at the thought. How disgusting! Later, during my years abroad, I learnt that others thought I had unhygienic habits, walking around with my dirty socks everywhere.

Anyway, if you are settled here in Sweden, always make sure you are wearing nice socks without holes, because others will see them.

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