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What is required to travel around the world? Tickets, passports, savings, and whatnot.What if we told you there exists a secret passage? One that can fly you to any place that you can think of. 

Your dream destination does not even have to exist on a map. It can only be in your imagination, yet you could travel and experience its magic.The gateway to this passage? Suspense fiction novels — unravel the greatest mysteries of the world, sitting comfortably at home!

By the LYS editorial team

Why Suspense Fiction?

All books are a portal to any place — real or imagined. Why then do we focus more on suspense fiction? What is it about reading suspense fiction and crime fiction that is different from other genres?

Suspense fiction allows us to witness an action, often a crime, around which the story is set. As readers, we walk straight into the story. Sometimes, we watch every character’s journey as an all-knowing observer.  But mostly, we take on the role of a protagonist set on a path of uncovering the unknown. We begin to see the world set in the book by their eyes. The ability to be in the role of the main character, whether it’s a male or a female protagonist, allows readers to experience places like one is actually physically present there. 

Experiencing Different Worlds & Culture

Non-fictions like Why Nations Fail, Guns, Germs, and Steel, can teach us about cultures; however, the thrill and emotion associated can only be experienced in the fiction genre!To find reading exciting, we suggest picking up a book or even watching a show, that falls under suspense fiction. From Nordic Noir to thrilling Swedish suspense fiction, suspense based fiction provides a foot in the door to explore Scandinavian countries, their rich culture, and engaging novels. 

Picking The First Book

We have all been there: inability to read a book because we are unable to decide what to read. That’s a tricky situation to find oneself in. Let scanoir help you out of that reading quagmire by suggesting one of the best books of 2021, “This Land Is No Stranger”. With every chapter, you get to explore Sweden and its mystique mountains. 

Your Ticket To Travel Anywhere

Whichever suspense fiction book you pick, whether it’s a Scandinavian themed book or not, you will learn about different cultures and numerous new countries. Set out on your travels with “This Land Is No Stranger” and one by one, tick destinations off your bucket list!