Välj en sida

How has your body changed since you moved to Sweden? Let us guess?

  • You have adapted the habit of coughing into the fold of your arm instead of your hand.
  • You have developed some prominent facial muscles in order to pronounce the distinct vowels of Swedish.
  • Your skin is much paler due to the lack of sunshine in winter.
  • You legs are much stronger as you seem to be walking everywhere instead of driving.
  • Thanks to all the butter, cheese, whipped cream and other dairy products, you have developed a bit of a belly.
  • It seems like you have shrunk, but it’s just because everyone else is so tall.
  • You have learnt to walk on snow on ice.

If not, we have some advice on you, because slipping on ice HURTS. You might even injure yourself. When we slip, our feet tend to move forward, together with the lower part of your body, as the upper part of your body moves backwards. This often results in you landing on your bum, or sometimes your back or your head.

However, if you stoop a little, you shift the centre of gravity forward and if you fall, you fall forward, meaning you can support yourself with your hands and bend your knees. Landing will be much less dramatic. Add walking with baby steps, and you are a penguin, and this, ladies and gentlemen, will help you avoid pain and embarrassment.

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