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You know you are working in Sweden when…

  1. … your coffee consumption grow exponentially every week.
  2. … you attend meetings to plan other meetings.
  3. … you count time in weeks instead of days and months.
  4. … your employer is asking you to go on holiday.
  5. … holiday plans is the hottest conversation topic during your fika breaks.
  6. … your social life consists of an AW once every six weeks.
  7. … you lose it if someone wants to discuss anything work-related after 2 pm on a Friday.
  8. … your lunch comes in a plastic box.
  9. … you stare into space when walking past a colleague.
  10. … everything is “kanon“, “fantastiskt“, “super” and “toppen“.
  11. … you celebrate the 25th every month.
  12. … at least one of your colleagues is on VAB today.
  13. … there are at least four different types of milk in the work fridge.
  14. … you are looking forward to getting some of your tax money back just before summer.
  15. … you don’t answer your work phone during weekends.
  16. … you find it perfectly reasonable to leave early if it’s sunny.
  17. … you got your job through a personal contact although you don’t have the right qualifications.
  18. … you have to complete all your time-sheets and travel reports on your own.
  19. … at least one of your colleagues is feeling kränkt.
  20. … you can’t expect any significant raise although you have performed better than ever this year.
  21. … you are expected to understand Norwegian.
  22. … you own a pair of shoes dedicated to wear only indoors.
  23. … you find grey an interesting colour.
  24. … you say yes when you mean no.
  25. … [anything else — please comment]

The book Working in Sweden helps you to navigate Swedish work culture.