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Before Netflix and TV screens took over, reading was the purest form of entertainment. Now, even many of us bookworms have fallen out of the habit of reading. 

Why bother, when there’s a movie on almost all the classics ever written? 

But all the subtle details, the creative descriptions, and the idea of imagining the scenes cannot be experienced in movies. Through reading, you create your own world. To get you motivated to reopen your books and create a new sustainable routine, we have four effective tips for you. 

By the LYS editorial team

Allot a Particular Time of The Day To Reading 

With a busy schedule and various distractions of life, taking time out for reading is a challenge in itself. That’s why most avid readers dedicate a certain time of the day to just reading. Whether it’s early morning when the rest of the world is still asleep, twenty minutes of your lunch break, or right before you go to bed, find the right time for yourself.

Make A Reading Schedule 

Got a ‘to-read’ list? Well, it’s not going to get ticked off on its own. You need a proper schedule. Sometimes it’s best to pre-plan what you’ll read in the next few weeks so you have it all laid out. For instance, you could decide to read 5 books a month and then schedule how much time you’ll spend on each book.

Long Commute? Read On The Go.

Always carry a book or kindle with you. This way, whenever you are traveling, all you need to do to spend your free time productively is to start reading. Plus, you could enjoy the beautiful views alongside and that makes reading all the more fun. Find an interesting genre for yourself. Scandinavian themed books are a great way to stay entertained throughout the way.So, from now on, besides coffee, you have another essential to grab every morning: your ongoing Nordic Noir book.

Audio Books 

Unless you put your car on self-driving mode, you can’t read while you’re driving, right? But it doesn’t mean you should miss out. You can still keep yourself indulged in an interesting audiobook. Fair warning though, it might get a bit difficult to focus on the road with an intense Swedish suspense fiction novel audio playing in the car.

Starting The Reading Routine 

If you’ve been in search of the best books of 2021 in Scanoir to kick off your reading routine, crime fiction storylines with strong female protagonists are a perfect choice.Start with the new page turner novel ‘The Land Is No Stranger’. We assure you that will be instantly hooked to it – unable to put it down once you begin.